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Sylvain Gelinotte


Solow show

Text by Rosario Caltabiano

15/10/2011 -12/11/2011

Originally the works of Sylvain Gelinotte currently on show at 22,48 m² were meant to represent the world of a circus through everyday elements, neither very rich in their symbolism nor in prestige : a home-made circus, easy to set up in a sitting or dining room in which two characters (Mr and Mrs Everyone), fittingly disguised, would find themselves mimicking some dramatic acts typically seen at the circus : the tamer of ferocious animals, the chain breaker, the electric man... Surrounding both characters would be a bunch of creatures from a rather digging, creeping, humid, humble and flying animal world. As for the set, it would be made of objects belonging to the most ordinary kind of furniture (a sofa, a carpet, etc.). There would also be plants, but they'd be entirely artificial, potted, not to say of plastic.
Playing the relevant games, the participants would exorcise their fantasies, their fears ; they'd forget that they are mortal beings lacking any magic power and any talent whatsoever, and they'd feel, for the short timespan of an single act, endowed with extraordinary qualities.
From irony to the grotesque, via derision, HOMEMADE CIRCUS by Sylvain Gelinotte invites us to explore the potential that lies between human abilities and superhuman aspirations, between the ordinary and the spectacular, between truth and myth, between being and showing.


[Translation by FRANK'S] 


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