22,48 m²
30, rue des Envierges
75020 Paris
phone +33 (0)981722637
e-mail : contact(at)2248m2.com

from Wednesday to Saturday, 2 pm -7 pm


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Founded in October 2010 by Rosario Caltabiano, gallery 22,48 m² strives to be a unique exhibition space and a venue for the diffusion of contemporary artworks within the international art scene. Since its opening, the gallery has organized and produced more than 60 exhibitions: monographic shows dedicated to the artists of the gallery, or thematic exhibitions featuring other artists. Open towards new technologies they are all marked by a critical engagement regarding the evolution of contemporary art.
In collaboration with curators, critics and artists, 22,48 m² proposes a multidisciplinary program: apart from its regular exhibition program, the gallery organizes performances, screenings, round-tables, debates, presentations of selected artworks, and activities dedicated to children and families, led by artists themselves, or by specialised animators.
Therefore, Gallery 22,48 m² focuses mainly on activities linked to critical, cultural, and pedagogical fields, bringing today’s art and public together. Through its innovating lines of research, it also tries to reflect a new vision of the art gallery and, in that way, acts like a key player within the latest generations of galleries in the art market.
22,48 m² also gives priority to specific and innovating work regarding publishing: 22,48 m²’s catalogues and publications are developed and designed both as spaces for autonomous thinking and as a tools that echo the exhibited works.
As an active member of the gallery network «Grand Belleville», 22,48 m² has already taken part in the Parcours VIP of the FIAC every year since 2011, in NUIT BLANCHE (Paris 2013), in the Biennale de Belleville (Paris) and in several fairs such as ART-O-RAMA (Marseille), DRAWING NOW (Paris), LOOP (Barcelona), ART COLOGNE (2018), ARTISSIMA (Turin), ART BRUSSELS, FIAC-(OFF)ICIELLE (Paris), 

Artistes invités :

Nicolas Aiello
Nils Alix-Tabeling
Hugues Allamargo 
Giulia Andreani    
Nepheli Barbas    
Aram Bartholl    
Jean-Philippe Basello    
Jimmy Beauquesne    
Nathalie Bles    
Charlie Boisson    
Bianca Bondi    
Juliana Borinski    
Rada Boukova    
Jeanne Briand    
Benjamin Bruneau    
Armin B. Wagner    
Laurence Cathala    
Claire Chesnier    
Thomas Cimolaï    
Arnaud Cohen    
Guillaume Constantin    
Daniele D'Acquisto    
Morgane Denzler    
Pierre Derrien    
Paul Destieu     
Quentin Destieu

& Sylvain Huguet (DARDEX)    
Alessandro Di Pietro    
Fashion Garage    
Éléonore False    
François Fleury    
Dominique Forest    
Thierry Fournier    
Jérôme Game    
Alain Garcia Vergara    
Sylvain Gelinotte    
Valérian Goalec    
Juliette Goiffon

& Charles Beauté    
Alexandra Guillot    
Markus Hanakam

& Roswitha Schuller    
Chen Hangfeng    
Arthur Hoffner    
Marie-Jeanne Hoffner    
Sang-Sobi Homme    
Jean Hubert    
Élodie Huet     
Camille Juthier    
Krištof Kintera    
Gerhard Klocker    
Carin Klonowski    
Elizaveta Konovalova    
Vera Kox    
Vincent Labaume    
Lucie Le Bouder    
Ji-Youn Lee    
Stéphanie Lefebvre    
Yann Leguay    
Pier Francesco Lerose    
Claude Lévêque    
Pierre Limpens    
Beat Lippert    
Sandra Lorenzi    
Estrid Lutz    
Rachel Maclean    
Nicolas Maigret    
Hektor Mamet    
Jennifer May Reiland    
Leopoldo Mazzoleni    
Jeff McMillan    
Nicolas Momein    
Nelly Monnier    
Luce Moreau    
Raphaël Moreira Gonçalves    
Marc Moret    
Flora Moscovici    
Otto Muehlethaler    
Arnika Müll    
Marianne Muller    
Vladimir Najmanc    
Andreas Nicolas Fischer    
Jean-Christophe Norman    
Estefanía Peñafiel Loaiza    
Laurent Pernot    
Caroline Pradal    
Jo Q. Nelson    
Manon Recordon    
Jean-Charles Remicourt-Marie    
Clémence Renaud     
Soraya Rhofir    
Bertrand Rigaux    
Dimitri Robert Rimsky    
Evan Roth     
Chloé Royer    
Alexandra Sà    
Liddy Scheffknecht    
Marie Schmitt    
Michaël Sellam    
Olivier Sévère    
Géraud Soulhiol    
Guillaume Stagnaro    
Victoire Thierrée    
Anna Tomaszewski    
Thomas Tronel-Gauthier    
Claire Trotignon    
Julie Vayssière    
Erwan Venn    
Sergio Verastegui    
Julie Villard et Simon Brossard    
Dagmar Weiss    
Yves-Eric 2Boy   

Commissaires/critiques invités :

Sandra Adam-Couralet    
Maxence Alcalde    
Julien Bécourt    
Pamela Bianchi    
Damien Brachet    
Benoît Buquet    
Laetitia Chazottes    
Théo-Mario Coppola    
Julie Crenn    
Marianne Derrien    
Nathalie Desmet    
Douglas Edric Stanley    
Céline Flecheux     
Thomas Fort    
Simone Frangi    
Alessandro Gallicchio    
Jérôme Glicenstein    
Mélissa Hiebler    
Ann Hindry    
Sarah Ihler-Meyer    
Bo-Kyoung Lee    
Ingrid Luquet-Gad    
Lorenzo Madaro    
Jérôme Mauche    
Sarah Mercadante    
Géraldine Miquelot    
Samuel O. Ronsin    
Camille Paulhan    
Russell Perkins    
Margherita Poli    
Juliette Premereur    
Domenico Quaranta    
Sonia Recasens    
Yvonne Ruescher    
Thomas Schiretz    
Le Syndicat Magnifique    
Septembre Tiberghien    
Marion Vasseur Raluy    
Julien Verhaeghe    
Stéphanie Vidal     
Umut Ungan