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New address from September 2023 :

22,48 m²
29 rue de la Commune de Paris / Komunuma
ph. : +33 (0)981917217

HOURS : Wed.-Sat., 10 am - 6 pm
metro : Line 5 / Stop: Bobigny-Pantin-Raymond Queneau
bus : 318 / Stop: Louise Dory
bike : Station Gaston Roussel - Commune de Paris

Gallery 22,48 m² is a unique exhibition space and a place for the diffusion of contemporary works from the international scene, with a particular focus on emerging French artists.

Since its creation, the gallery has organised and produced more than 70 exhibitions: some monographic exhibitions dedicated to the gallery's own artists, others thematic exhibitions in which outside artists take part. With an open mindset to new technologies, they all have in common a questioning of the evolution of contemporary art.

In collaboration with curators, critics and artists, 22,48 m² offers a multidisciplinary programme: in addition to the regular exhibition cycle, there are performances, screenings, round tables, book presentations and workshop activities for children and families, led by the artists or by animators.

Thus, the gallery is mainly oriented towards activities in the fields of criticism, culture and education, which are conducive to exchanges and connections between today's art and the public. Through its innovative research work, it strives to reflect on a new vision of the art gallery and, accordingly, is an integral part of the latest generation of actors in the art market.

22,48 m² also favours a specific work concerning publishing: the gallery's catalogues are conceived and elaborated both as a place of autonomous reflection and in resonance with the works on display.

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