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Yves-Eric 2boy


Solo show

Curated by de Laetitia Chazottes

24/02/2012 -31/03/2012

It's tempting to see Yves-Eric 2boy's work with slight amusement. Borrowing from the narratives of storyboards, the clarity of sketch sheets and the systematic linearity of billboards, his paintings seem to suggest - like the effortlessness with which he makes use of the two-dimensional orthonormal world of videogames - that they're easily done. Doubtlessly that's what a first reading might suggest. And yet, we seem captivated by their simplicity, freshness, and apparent spontaneity, and feel drawn to the screen,“bubblicized” by the image.
Yves-Eric 2boy plays with familiar codes. His abstract spaces and forms are set in perspective and echo a perfectly recognizable form of visual language. They balance the threats from eternally competing worlds: the stable and the moving, the hard and the soft, the solid and the liquid. Yves-Eric 2boy presents us with the token of a rigorous universe. Still, the painter's excitement remains contained; like the visual energy as the image achieves its density. It might be this coherence that invites us to participate, and to believe in the possibility of other worlds.

Laetitia Chazottes

[Translation by FRANK'S]


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