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Chen Hangfeng

禄 Prospérité

Solo show

Curated by Damien Brachet, Margherita Poli

et Rosario Caltabiano

11/05/2012 -28/07/2012

The works of Chen Hangfeng are made of many symbols we do not notice at first sight. Behind well arranged forms and lines lies a rather complex organization of signs. The combination of heterogenous shapes responds to the construction of images that allow different ways of reading.

At first sight they seem to derive from Chinese tradition, dear to the artist, as they reinterpret the meticulous art of handicrafts by the use of symmetric forms and a particular attention to details. Chen explores different techniques such as the art of carpet weaving, embroidery, and specifically cut outs with their thousand year old history.

Still, it's not the mere recovery of an ancient technique, but a true renewal of the art of paper cut-outs, its themes and forms. Chen's compositions bring together elements of the Far-Eastern tradition with symbols of 21st century Western consumer society, worlds that are frequently compartmentalized. In effect, he uses the language of contemporary art and references of his time to save the most ancient roots of his own culture.
Chen Hangfeng lives and works in Shanghai. His works have been exhibited in various galleries and museums, notably at the OV Gallery, at the Zendai Moma and RockBund Art Museum in Shanghai (China), Today Art Museum in Beijing (China), at Bradford Museum (UK), Casino Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Collective Gallery (Scotland) and at the White Rabbit Museum in Sydney (Australia).

The gallery 22,48 m² presents a set of works hitherto unknown in France. The works are also displayed in the gallery's offices, which will, exceptionally, be opened to the public just for the opening day, the 10th of May and till the 14th May.


Margherita Poli
[Translation by FRANK’S]


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