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Jean-Baptiste Caron


Solo show

Text by Nathalie Desmet

11/01/2013 -02/03/2013

In his quest of a point of balance that might extract him from gravity, Jean-Baptiste Caron questions the physical or mechanical laws relating to the notions of gravity, weightlessness, density or lightness. With the help of a vocabulary that mentions the elusive shift from one state to another -transformation, evolution, involution, in-between or infrathin - he offers a universe where the slightest flaw, the smallest grain of sand shakes our certainties. In his work, a sphere rolling on a horizontal surface becomes a Fibonacci spiral, ordinary objects maintain an unstable balance, lead becomes ethereal while on the other hand, dust solidifies. In Jean-Baptiste Caron’s works, the forces of gravity or terrestrial attractions are diverted so as to offer another dynamic system of concentration of energies. For the artist, it also symbolises the conquest of his own centre of gravity.

Nathalie Desmet


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