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Cécile Beau,  Andreas Nicolas Fischer,

Marie Jeanne Hoffner, Lucie Le Bouder,

Alexandra Sà, Olivier Sévère


Group show

Curated by Lucie Le Bouder

03/05/2013 -15/06/2013

Art is man's futile dream of a human silence ; it is the silence of our dreams. And sculptures are the bones of those dreams.” Richard Nonas

The works presented in the exhibition contemplate and question the notion of surface and modelled depth. Whether we refer to the rising or disappearing landscapes in Rauschen (2011) by Andreas Nicolas Fischer, to Lucie Le Bouder's hatchings, or else to the different components of the delicate fragments presented by Olivier Sévère, they are spaces, angles and shapes, brought to life through a process of assemblage and playful use of lines, thus constructing or revealing a horizon. It's a constant reorganisation of the given materials, whether they origin from a specific place, as in the works by Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, from the materials used as “tools” by Alexandra Sà, or else from a mental space, as do Cécile Beau's dreamlike imprints.  

Processed and re-imagined, the material opens up different layers of depth, whether they pertain to the visible, the sensual or the production of meaning, and this without excluding the dialogue between the artworks themselves as they communicate and become expansive. Hence, the artist's gesture is that of gradually placing the viewer into that unpredictable niche between the abstract and the concrete, layer by layer in accordance to a sedimented survey, in order to rediscover the “silence of our dreams” at the heart of reality itself.

Umut Ungan 


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