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Géraud Soulhiol


Solo show

Text by Umut Ungan

15/11/2013 -21/12/2013

In reference to Raymond Roussel's homonymous poem, where the author, discovering a beach scene inside his penholder's crystal ball, describes the unfolding scenes and gives free rein to his imagination, "La Vue" presents a diverse selection of Géraud Soulhiol's works. Through various media (drawings, photomontage, video installations) and materials, they draw a coherent plastic constellation of the artist's recent research around the question of the representation of  "fantasy worlds" and "floating universes". Always at the brink of a certain intelligibility and opaqueness, Géraud Soulhiol's different "visions", be they based on landscapes, architecture, or else maps, aim to bring the viewer's gaze into a vague zone, a place that feeds on the continuous exchange between an eye accustomed to certain forms, and the specific attention demanded by the details that dislocate the "view".

(Umut Ungan, translation FRANK'S) 


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