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Michaël Sellam


Solo show

06/01/2011 -27/01/2011

"Here is a man who dies, and as he reached the peak of physical distress, he hears the doctor pronounce his death. He begins to perceive an unpleasant noise, like a loud ringing tone or a noise , and at the same time hé feels he goes away with a great speed through a dark and long tunnel Then he suddenly finds himself out of his physical body , but leaves his immediate environment . he sees his own body from a distance, as a spectator . He observes this vantage point the resuscitation his body attempts  [...] later, when he tries to explain to his relatives what he experienced in the meantime , he faces different obstacles. Firstly, he fails to find human words that can adequately describe this unearthly episode [...] Yet this experience profoundly marked his life and upsets especially all the ideas that he had previously about death and his relationship with life. "

Raymond Moody. 1977 


I have programmed the onboard computer to send paquets twenty four hours a day by 5 minutes lapses to the six most safe reception point


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. 1974


"When I don't have blue, I use red."

Pablo Picasso. 1939 prefigure the general turmoil, to advertise how these abrupt and sudden variations of the local magnetic field or the slight deformations of the surface which are the warning signs of the upcoming earthquake, the great convulsion ...

Diqry. Kermaria , December 20, 2010

It all started from here, in this region , these deep canyons.

My preliminary research had led me to the area of Pandemonium . I knew that the base of this territory was formed of materials that have the property to bend the space around them so that the whole area was enclosed in a shell of curved space . Where did these materials come from? And these oily secretions ? I would learn it there, sooner or later. This shell was not completely closed, open at the top, to receive radiation of all kinds, from the stars, necessary to the life of ordinary men , perhaps it included a large mass of the planet and without  any doubts it can probably even open itself in its center for a similar reason. On December 20 , I embarked on The Inconceivable searching for this miraculous place . Nobody found the driftwood of my badly patched skiff on the coast of Ireland or Scotland , what do I know . Tectonics plate, a wave too high , a storm, a tsunami, I failed.

Born in 1975, Michael Sellam is graduated from Le Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts in 2005, he participated in Le Collège Invisible, Post-graduated of Fine Arts school in Marseille, at ARI - Search Interactive Workshop at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure of Decorative Arts, he obtained a Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Paris 8 in 2000 and a Master of Fine Arts in Paris 1 in 1999 1. He is currently artist in residence at the Regional School of Fine Arts in Nantes since 2009.


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