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Nicolas Aiello, Jean-Philippe Basello
Laurence Cathala, Caroline Delieutraz
Vincent Labaume, Jean-Christophe Norman
Estefanía Peñafiel Loaiza


Group show

Curation by Camille Paulhan

24/03/2016 - 28/05/2016

PAPEROLLES gathers seven artists who all share a common taste for a form of writing as a drawing tool, using different mediums such as drawing of course, but also engraving, video, photography or performance. In Marcel Proust's work, the "paperolles" stands for tiny pieces of paper glued on the main text pages, and added successively, like margins of the author's initial thoughts. This exhibition deals with margins as well and with an outward writing, as well as its roundness, handling, meaning and illegibility. 

At the turn of 1960, artists such as Mirtha Dermisache and her illegible scripts, Palanc and his imaginery alphabets Ouvertitude and Fermotitude or Simon Hantaï with his mystic Écriture Rose had opened up new possibilities thanks to their meticulously delineated inscriptions. Through their works, the "écrituristes" of this exhibition don't necessarily aim an expression of their intimacy but rather look for a place for common experiences to share, from the most trivial ones to the most precious ones.

From the lowest common denominator used by Jean-Philippe Basello with his signatures, to the immeasurable maps representing imaginery places by the artist Vincent Labaume, all these artists consider the polymorphous features of words and sentences, or simply writing such as the epistolary exchanges of Laurence Cathala, reading and appropriation of literary texts within Estefanía Peñafīel Loaiza or Jean-Christophe Norman's works, flow of the advertising orders within Nicolas Aiello's pieces and ascii art in the works by Caroline Delieutraz.


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