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Caroline Pradal


Solo show

Curated by Rosario Caltabiano and Sarah Mercadante

03/03/2011 -26/03/2011

At 22.48 m², Caroline Pradal sets up an art of the detail, a fragment of life, a folk tale or dream.

Emerged from a page of a fabulous novel, black nail varnish drawings, plaster medallions or phrases / aphorisms spread out as so many proposals that let everyone imagine his own story.


The viewer may also enter into a more intimate space, unsuspected from outside. The artist has installed some of her texts, which are the backstage of the show, an invitation to sit down, take a break, read and enter the imagination of the artist.



The work of Caroline Pradal is simple, precise and subtle. She suggests a wonderful tinted lightness and makes us ask the question: what if everything was an excuse to enjoy a gesture of sculptor or designer?


Rosario Caltabiano, Sarah Mercadante


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