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Nepheli Barbas, Cécile Beau, Charlie Boisson,
Bianca Bondi , Jeanne Briand,

Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion
Jean-Baptiste Caron, Paola Ciarska, Caroline Delieutraz,
Paul Destieu, Valérian Goalec, Arthur Hoffner, Vera Kox,
Claudia Larcher, Lucie Le Bouder, Claude Lévêque,
Jonathan Monaghan, Nelly Monnier, Chloé Poizat,

Chloé Royer, Salut c’est cool, Géraud Soulhiol,

Dagmar Weiss

10/09/2020 - 29/10/2020

opening Thursday 10/09/2020, 6 pm

curated by Rosario Caltabiano




Inhabiting is a primordial act that affects our existence, our relationship to space as well as to the world and to others. It’s not easy to perceive the fusion that binds us with our living environment, not easy to understand the importance of "circumscribing this shelter where men retreat to sleep and hold what they have most precious".¹
So we can compare the house to clothing: although on another level, it protects, conceals, ensures the well-being of the body, and offers the possibility of a form of personal expression.
In CASA DOLCE CASA exhibition, the visitor who crosses the threshold of the door and pulls the curtains aside is invited to imagine entering the intimate space of Ilia Ilyich Oblomov, fictional character from the eponymous Russian novel by Ivan Gontcharov (1859) transposed to the present day.

(1) Pascal DIBIE, Ethnologie de la chambre à coucher, Grasset, Paris, 1987.


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