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Valérian Goalec
Jusqu’à l’envers

Chapter I : 05/12 - 19/12/2020
Chapter II : 09/01 - 30/01/2021
Chapter III : 06/02 - 27/02/2021


We are glad to announce the reopening of the gallery with Valérian Goalec’s new solo show, Jusqu’à l’envers. This exhibition will evolve and unravel in three distinct chapters, following a rhythm of one chapter per month. Chapter I from December 5th to 19th, Chapter II from January 9th to 31st, and Chapter III from February 3rd to 21st.

Artist in residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in 2020, Valérian Goalec uses repetition and the staging of everyday forms to create his sculptures and installations. For his exhibition Jusqu’à l’envers, the artist will present new works which will be built and agenced gradually and in direct relation to the gallery space.

Throughout the chapters, the works will communicate between each other, focusing on the subject of the events sector and the energy it generates. Here, the idea of event is expanded, including the simple get-together as well as the international fair. Deflecting the language of events, the ensemble of forms and functionalities which appear in the exhibition space are here found speaking of themselves, in a ghost-like manner, highlighting what precedes and follows the period of exhibition.

The exhibition will bring us back to the intensive energy put into events, as much materially, through printed invitations, advertising banners, signs and personalised supports, as well as temporally, through ephemeral and variable scenographies spanning throughout the three chapters.


The newspaper is available in the E-SHOP.​

Valérian Goalec, Salon n.1, 2021, newspaper, 13,7 x 19,8 inches

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