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Salut c'est cool



​solo show


06/03/2021 - 22/05/2021

opening weekend 06-07/03/2021, 11am-6pm

James Darle, Louis Donnot, Martin Gugger et Vadim Pigounides formed the group salut c’est cool over ten years ago. We mostly know them for their electropunk concerts and their DIY videos, but the group experiments with music as much as with staging. Their universe is a «hymn to the world». Everything that surrounds them seems to take part in it, transfigurated by their joy to create with the world, nature, objects, people.

For Les tapis (The rugs), their second exhibition at 22,48m2, salut c’est cool creates a technoprimitive space which shelters the remains of an imaginary folklore, in which we find their poetic and boundless universe.
Warm and swathing, the gallery evokes a cavern filled with raw wool, boiled and upholstered, adorned with pictograms and anachronic symbols. The group has recovered raw wool from shepherds; this reappropriation offers a dialogue on the history and tradition of this material, today undervalued with the exportation of the textile industry. When the wool is not sold on the other side of the world, it is often burnt or buried. Here, the abundance of wool allows to obtain an acoustically mat space, smothering parasite noises and giving place to an experimental sound ambience.

The sound of the room is graphically translated live on a screen under the form of a spectrogram. Messages and drawings stream through, mirroring the images beared by the tapestries. In this environment in which all elements resonate with one another, the audience is invited to participate. A MIDI keyboard is installed at the center of the room, allows the visitors to plays with the sound ambiance and draw on the spectrogram.

Salut c’est cool explores atemporality, nature and the imaginary. In Les tapis, the group shows its faculty to eclipse categories, navigating with ease across disciplines from video to tapestry, from sculpture to poetry, from drawing to music, always invoking the audience’s active and jolly participation.

Opening weekend 06-07/03/2021, 11am-6pm

According to the sanitary measures, to even the flow of visitors over a longer timespan, and to avoid waiting outside, we suggest you to visit us in the morning from 11 a.m. However, no reservation will be required.


With the support to galleries/exhibition of

​Centre national des arts plastiques


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