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08/01/2022 - 05/03/2022
Cécile Beau, Bertrand Rigaux

2 ou 3
duo show

Opening weekend, in the presence of the artists :
Saturday 08/01/2022, 2pm-8pm
Sunday 09/01/2022, 2pm-7pm

2 ou 3 brought together two acolytes, Cécile Beau and Bertrand Rigaux. Lately, the latter has written two poems dealing respectively with two works (one mineral and the other vegetal) in a forthcoming monograph by Cécile Beau. It is from this fruitful exchange that the foundations of the exhibition have already been built. In the space of the gallery 22,48 m², works, installations, poems and assemblages will be presented, not necessarily entirely in the same terms that made up the edition, as neither completely identical to the forms that preexisted it: since from the conversion of a work into a page to the transmutation of these pages into works - that is to say a few four-handed operations between the second and third dimension - things move.


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