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Artistic direction :

Robin Voisin (


Quentin Ledrean


Lucas Montagnac Naib

Minju Lee



14/05/2022 - 30/07/2022
Jimmy Beauquesne & Camille Juthier

Spams failings
duo show


curated by : Russell Perkins

Before they began collaborating on this show, Camille and Jimmy's work shared not just certain colors, textures, and contours, but also an attention to the body's vulnerability and its capacity to inflict harm. Both artists attend to the spaces just above and just under the skin.
[My skin feels like botox, semen, and glue traps: the remnants of the world cling to it.]
(Everything settles
moods such as the remains of used shampoo)

As a guiding metaphor for their work together here, they exploit the figure of the parasite: life forms that move through multiple hosts, inhabiting them unwillingly and sometimes harmfully, while also offering possibilities for change, adaptation or support.
[I mean that from the beginning, the mourning of the potentials is impossible and that I no longer really know if the dead things reside in me or if I am the parasite of them.]
(Imagine. It's a Goa'uld symbiote bringing Marie Antoinette back to life. What would they be doing here?)

My hope for this collaboration is that their works thoroughly contaminate one another. I want the boundaries between their practices to become porous and leaky, so that forms and desires can migrate across works, get dislodged and take up new residence, blurring picture and sculpture.
[it's the after desert]

What happens when two artists lose their own coordinates inside the others' work? What can they find there?

Russell Perkins (C) [J]




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