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10/09/2022 - 29/10/2022

Paola Ciarska
solo show

Opening week-end :
Saturday 10/09/2022, 2 pm - 9 pm
Sunday 11/09/2022, 2 pm - 7 pm

The word gynécée, comes from ancient Greek, and it defines an area of Greek and Roman habitats especially dedicated to women. In the Middle Ages, the word gynécée was then used to categorize the area where the vassals and servants worked, usually under the direction of the «lady» of the house.

Ironically, we could imagine that this «lady» is the artist, Paola Ciarska, who, with her brush creates enclosed spaces in which a swarm of small women, often in bikini or naked in their intimacy, spending their time with a wide variety of recreational, pleasure or entertaining activities.

Paola re-defines the collective meaning on the word gynéceè by updating it within her own framework of thoughts concerning the female ever evolving female liberation and depicts these inside of her miniature parallel universe.

Everything seems possible in these colorful interiors. They are always full of female characters and all kinds of ordinary or extravagant objects that serve as decoration.

For her first solo exhibition at 22.48 m2, Paola Ciarska decides to reduce even more the scale of her hexagonal gouache paintings, which can now fit in the palm of a hand.

The regular practice of the miniature in her work and the attention to details encourage us to pay closer attention, as if not to reveal too quickly to the viewer the intimacy of these women’s stories and to arouse our curiosity or even tap into our voyeuristic side.





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