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05/11/2022 - 22/12/2022
Sophie Blet, Jean-Baptiste Caron
duo exhibition
text by Marie Cantos


Opening week-end

in the presence of the artists :
Saturday 05/11/2022, 2pm -9pm
Sunday 06/11/2022, 2pm - 7pm



Like interworlds - spaces separating worlds - this duo exhibition proposes openings, intervals, where time stops, curves, escapes from space, or flows infinitely without ever becoming fixed.
Opening breaches in the laws of physics, A break in the continuum invites us to linger on the thresholds of perception, or even non-perception : to unfold the dimensions, to put in form and to suspend states limit, where things should not be seen.
The space tilts thus in an uncertain zone, where everything can still be replayed, re-configured.
From the minimum to nothing, or from the nothing to the tenuous.
For this project, the artworks answer each other, dialogue between them as well on the formal as on the conceptual level. The lines cross, the vertical, the horizontal, the concepts intermingle, to finally end up on a common aesthetic.

Sophie Blet and Jean-Baptiste Caron


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