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Cécile Beau, Fabrice Cazenave, Ellande Jaureguiberry
Au-delà du fleuve et sous les arbres

12/01 - 11/03/2023

Opening Thursday 12/01/2023, 6 pm



The group exhibition Au-delà du fleuve et sous les arbres, which borrows its title from a novel by Ernest Hemingway, brings together for the first time the three French artists Cécile Beau, Fabrice Cazenave and Ellande Jaureguiberry.

In an imaginary garden, the works explore the mystical and mysterious worlds of the natural and the supernatural.

Putting aside our scientific knowledge and rationalisation of the environment, we find ourselves faced with hybrid figures that demand the declassification of the living in favour of an inter-species vision.

Are they beings of the animal, vegetable or mineral kingdom? Are they creatures or objects embodying something, perhaps a life force, a spirit? Could they even be deities?

In recent years, we have witnessed a return of animism, or rather of the animist theme, in a variety of fields, whether in anthropology, aesthetics, literature, ecology, the "approach to life", anti-speciesism or many other sectors of the intellectual scene.

Animism is commonly understood as a worldview in which every being and object has a soul. The definition of this term is more generally the belief in spirits. Shamanism, on the other hand, is a practice that allows vision and travel into the heart of different layers of reality, imperceptible without this approach. These beliefs are often associated with individuals far removed from the Western way of life, yet these are the thoughts that surface in this exhibition.


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