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Ellande Jaureguiberry
solo show

05/11 - 22/12/2023

Opening Sunday 05/11, 2pm - 6pm

With the support for galleries / exhibition of

Centre National des Arts Plastiques



22,48 m² is pleased to present "TRAINING AND THE OPPOSITE", Ellande Jaureguiberry's first solo exhibition. This exhibition brings together drawings and ceramics exploring the concept of physical effort and the various forms of the body that result from it. Muscle is used here to symbolise a fragility that contrasts with the vitality traditionally attributed to it. This fragility is reflected in the materials used, particularly paper.
The fragmented bodies that populate these works also emphasize the importance of rest in the process of construction and deconstruction. This idea is expressed through techniques such as cutting, collage, the creation of ceramics, and the design of furniture dedicated to rest, such as chairs.
Ellande's universe is inspired by the vocabulary of science fiction and a form of animist spirituality, which is expressed in her sculptures. The drawings contribute to the creation of a composite landscape from which the sculptural material seems to emerge.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a text by Elora Weill-Engerer.



The origins of Ellande Jaureguiberry's research can be traced back to his years studying at the École supérieure d'arts et médias de Caen, where he graduated in 2016. Although each medium has its own existence, at his exhibitions his drawings and sculptures are in harmonious dialogue with each other. Ceramic rods are recurring motifs in his works on paper. They include fruits, flowers and branches, as well as parts of the human body such as tongues, torsos, ears and hands. The artist's work is characterised by precise lines and attention to detail, giving these elements a symbolic richness that evokes reproductive systems and life paths. These elements give rise to an exploration of the interplay of frame and plane, as well as subtle trompe-l'œil.Recently, the artist has taken a step back and taken stock of his work: "I'm now returning to vaporous, slightly murky backgrounds, reminiscent of my early black and white drawings. This time, however, they are adorned with colour. It's a natural progression in my artistic career. »

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