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During this confinement period, we propose a weekly "living room" section in which you can watch a selection of artists' videos without moving from your living room.
This time it's Jean-Baptiste Caron's turn who shows us a selection of videos mostly linked to physical works produced in the past.
The more Jean-Baptiste Caron gives us to see, the more the rules of logic seem to fade away, letting us believe in the mere action of magic. Delete to reveal what is given to see for the best. The artist acts less in a demiurgical gesture than in a revealing act. Finally, he happens to be a Usher offering the viewer the possibility to become active. A revealing usher not without a touch of humour as he plays with Time. He disrupts it, disturbs us to the point where we wonder what is illusion and what is not." Leïla Simon

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La fabrique des courants d’air

2014, installation, fans, skateboard elements, rope, lead, pulleys, dimensions variable

(Production Eternal Network)

(documentary video of the installation)

"As magic insidiously crosses the whole of Jean-Baptiste Caron's work, he gives in here to show a special effect which itself becomes the artistic object: since the breaths generated by the fans fail to create a real current of air, the artist uses the mechanism that rotates them to simulate the beating of windows. Fans, leaves, wires, weights, skateboard wheels, everything kicks in and deploys the choreography of an empirical mechanism that intends to compete with the "real" wind coming from outside. It's a whole poetic-absurd staging of the void which, despite the heavy strings, leaves us contemplative." Éric Foucault

Mécanique du vivant

2012, concrete, polystyrene, pvc, video, Ø40cm

(video linked to the work)


The spherical volume of Mechanics of the living does not have the behavior that one expects. Instead of rolling in a straight line, it takes an unexpected trajectory which ends in a spiral. The spiral, one of the most common forms in nature, also symbolizes for the artist the conquest of his own center of gravity. Where is the balance point, the center of inertia? The curve obtained, close to a Fibonacci spiral, also called gold spiral, is virtually limitless. Nathalie Desmet

Il est plus facile de faire tomber une pierre que de la lancer en l’air

(It's easier to drop a stone than toss it in the air)

2007, video, 3’12

This work is one of the first videos that Jean-Baptiste made at the start of his visual art studies. We can detect the premises of certain issues that are at stake in his work and that he has worked to develop since.
Gravity is an integral part of the themes inherent in Jean-Baptiste Caron's work, the question of the fall as well as that of the ascent. He likes to play with our perceptions, to question our relationship with the senses. It sows disorder in the breasts of our certainties, upsets our spatio-temporal landmarks. Through this work, it is a question of liberating ourselves from our ordinary, of liberating ourselves from this force which is constantly exerted on us and conditions our lives, until the construction of reality, its questioning, its absence .


2018, video, 15′, 
LCD screen, raspberry-pi, neons, 47x30cm

The extent of a light spectrum captured in an empty exhibition hall is replayed on video. The color variations and the alternations of white presented through this device evoke phenomena invisible to
the naked eye. Théo-Mario Coppola

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