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Despite the confinement period is coming to an end, we would like to offer you another edition of "living room" in which you can watch a selection of artists' videos without moving from your living room.
This time it's Jonathan Monaghan's turn, who presents a selection of his videos.
They will remain accessible for one month, until June 15.

Monaghan's work presents a provocation: is contemporary commercialism mimicking the superfluity of the Baroque age? His work is prophetic in the context of the current pandemic and lockdown. His work addresses veneer aesthetics, power structures and politics, blind consumer behavior, and the romanticization of an otherwise unattainable future. The highly stylized, elegant, and pristine computer-generated utopias presented by the artist persuades the viewer to cognitively look elsewhere, thereby providing a safe haven for the darker, more sinister elements that also permeate contemporary visual culture and society.


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Out of the Abyss, 2018

Single-channel video streamed online
19:06 min

The Turtle King, 2018

Single-channel video streamed online

04:00 min

Disco Beast, 2016

Single-channel video streamed online

17:14 min

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