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Luca Resta, TSORPM #3
2012 – ongoing
Video, 53 min 14 sec, 25.212 images

TSORPM #3 is the third series in a collection of images started in 2012, which counts today 25.212 elements. These images are the same which accompany, like a frontispiece, the emails and newsletters received by the artist on a daily basis from art galleries, museums, art centers, and more particularly digital platforms of contemporary art.
Akin to an allegory of the contemporary signic hypertrophy, TSORPM #3 seizes the everyday imaginary of the art system to translate the memorial potential as well as the frustration of an ephemeral temporality.
TSORPM (acronym of “The sleep of reason produces monsters”) takes on the title of a famous allegorical etching by Francisco de Goya, the frontispiece for the Caprichos series, which consists in satirical and humorous etchings of which the subjects are human vices and miseries.
The evocation of this title represents a series of heterogeneous collections which not only push the idea of contemporary allegory to its extremes, but also shed light on compulsions, obsessive repetitions and our society's typical claustrophobic accumulations.


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