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Chloé Poizat, FAIM FEU SANG
14 x 19,5 cm, 136 color pages
digital printing
200 copies
Editions Solo ma non troppo
june 2017

Hungry, to draw without stopping
Fire, which animates the hand to the eyes
Blood, which traces on the paper

The title FAIM FEU SANG is taken from a poem by Tristan Tzara.
Like the poet creating poems with words out of the hat, Chloé Poizat tries to draw with the same freedom; without grammar, spelling or syntax barriers.
The artist brings together around a hundred drawings, produced between 2008 and 2017, from notebooks, loose sheets, closed or current series, and "laboratory" drawings. They testify to what underlies all of his work; disappearance, metamorphosis and illusion. They also reflect his taste for brut art, spiritualistic and automatic drawing.

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