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The CLICK HERE online project that took place throughout the third lockdown is coming to an end! The last session coincides with the official reopening of the gallery to the public on May 19, 2021. This project provided for the regular sending of an email in which a link triggered a new surprise each time: we saw, among others, a video which helps falling asleep by Johan Decaix, magic tricks by Jean-Baptiste Caron, a 3D sculpture by Jonathan Monaghan, a machine to make words travel to the future by Salut c'est cool, ASMR relaxation sessions by Caroline Delieutraz, gardening with Liddy Scheffknecht, a proposal for an authorized exit while rolling on the floor of Julien Prévieux and more poems, games and artist interviews ...

Throughout these 24 sessions, CLICK HERE tried to lay out a heterogeneous selection which allowed anyone to immerse oneself, in an unusual way and sometimes with humor, in the world of 22.48 m² and its favorite artists beyond the physical space of the gallery.

A big thank you to the artists who participated as well as to those who followed us assiduously, hoping that you will continue to do so on the other projects that we will offer you online or offline, intramural or extramural, ...

Stay tuned!

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