CLICK HERE is an online project created by 22,48 m² in this period of new sanitary (and cultural!) restrictions!

Subscribe to CLICK HERE and receive two to three times a week by email a small blinking hand, which will invite you to click on a link leading each time to a new surprise. By now we have discovered an infinite poem and lockdown games by Salut c'est cool, a relaxing ASMR session by Caroline Delieutraz, a sleep improving video by Johan Decaix, a collection of over 25.000 unwatchable images by Luca Resta, a new magic trick by Jean-Baptiste Caron...

CLICK HERE plans an eclectic program allowing everyone to unusually and humorously plunge into the world of 22,48 m² and its favorite artists beyond the physical gallery space. Subscribe now and don't miss the next session!

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