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Luca Resta’s work stems from objects. The artist explores the social and cultural space he inhabits to refine a creative process linked to the practices of accumulation, reproduction, and transformation. Like a sort of contemporary archaeology, he explores the vertigo of the series through endless collections of everyday forms: disposable cutlery, plastic packaging, hybrid objects, cardboard boxes, and even more ephemeral elements. He investigates the narrative potential of these elements that gradually end up finding their place in his visual imaginary through an expanded idea of the sculptural practice. His artistic vocabulary—series and homologation, replication and standardisation, industrial accumulation, mechanical iteration …—enters into dialogue with his devices and his manual ability. From his visual experiences, multiple sculptural, sound, or architectural projects arise, thanks to which Luca Resta goes beyond the mere objects to explore the related and representative sociocultural logic, as well as to propose other ways of meeting between individuals and forms. Eventually, the aesthetic power of his artistic approach, hidden behind the idea of “common” form, appears thanks to new ways of looking.

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