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Paola Ciarska works on elaborate collages of mysterious interiors, contained in a small-scale painting, which immerse us in a new parallel universe in constant evolution. Each composition is a marriage between documentation and imagination that gives access to worlds and universes that we probably could not find elsewhere; partly because of the imaginary dimension of her work, but also because it reveals elements of our inner, hidden lives – these taboo topics that are less often revealed.
Frequently created on private commission, these works are composed from visits that Paola makes to her subjects, during which the artist photographs their environment and their personal objects. Thus, she is inspired to form emotionally charged spaces. Other scenes are entirely fictionnal, or assembled from proposals that the artist receives through social networks. In these, the different aesthetics and desires of her followers mix as in an Instagram feed.

The intimacy and thoroughness of these works, as well as

the juxtaposition of art, fashion, pop culture and technology, describe an explicitly human present : isolated spaces, but connected by the internet. More recently, these environments have become reveries, interlaced pieces within impossible architectures. These scenes in sharp colors oscillate between the implausible and the banal in a world where anything can happen.

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