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During the confinement period, we proposed you a "living room" section every week in which you could watch a selection of artists' videos without moving from your living room.

image wix living room 7.jpg

living room #7



Jonathan Monaghan

This time it's Jonathan Monaghan's turn, who presents a selection of his videos. They will remain accessible for one month, until June 15.

Monaghan's work presents a provocation: is contemporary commercialism mimicking the superfluity of the Baroque age? His work is prophetic in the context of the current pandemic and lockdown. His work addresses veneer aesthetics, power structures and politics, blind consumer behavior, and the romanticization of an otherwise unattainable future. The highly stylized, elegant, and pristine computer-generated utopias presented by the artist persuades the viewer to cognitively look elsewhere, thereby providing a safe haven for the darker, more sinister elements that also permeate contemporary visual culture and society.

image wix living room 6.jpg

living room # 6



Jean-Baptiste Caron


This time it's Jean-Baptiste Caron's turn who presents us with a selection of videos, some of which show the setting in motion of his works.

The more Jean-Baptiste Caron gives us to see, the more the rules of logic seem to fade away, letting us believe in the mere action of magic. Delete to reveal what is given to see for the best. The artist acts less in a demiurgical gesture than in a revealing act. Finally, he happens to be a Usher offering the viewer the possibility to become active. A revealing usher not without a touch of humour as he plays with Time. He disrupts it, disturbs us to the point where we wonder what is illusion and what is not.

image wix living room 5.jpg

living room #5



Chloé Poizat


This week, we present a selection of 5 short videos of Chloé Poizat.

Chloé Poizat never stops playing with the disappearance and transformation of beings, landscapes and things. If necessary, she calls on imaginations if not dead at least disappeared to activate hers (even if she doesn't need it). Everything becomes a story of thresholds, ovniesque journeys, passages, and transfigurations.

image wix living room 4.jpg

living room #4



Claudia Larcher

Here is a selection of recent videos by Claudia Larcher. They will remain accessible for one week, until April 30.

"Space as an explicit object of the Plastic Arts immediately intervenes twice in the works
by Claudia Larcher. First as a reflection on the perception of Space by the artist and by the observers. Then by the artist's reflection and the reflections on Architecture led by others. In the first place, such a Design is an intellectual Se-localization: within other artistic strategies, a Re-consider. From there comes his own work which looks at the artistic heritage of the Moderns and the Postmoderns, ultimately leading to digital transformations and, thereby, to the Present. "

image wix living room 3.jpg

living room #3



Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion

This time, we present a selection of videos from Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion. Artist duo, live and work in Paris.
"Since 2009 the French couple has been focusing on projects that, renovating the modernist language of film, make an extensive use of appropriated content from the web, which is freed from its status of meaningless, apparently valueless data floating in the information networks to be rearranged in complex, algorithmically generated, sometimes interactive narratives, or into powerful, iconic images."

image wix living room 2.jpg

living room #2



Salut c'est cool

This week, we are presenting a selection of recent videos from the collective Salut c'est cool, around the theme of confinement at home.
Some videos have no images but only sound, perfect for dancing in front of your screens! Others, like the video The dinette, have no sound but only images and text, in the style of a photo novel. This video was presented at the gallery during the collective's last personal exhibition in 2018. The pieces Mon réfrigérateur, Ça sent la maison, Menu, Le cassoulet are taken from their latest album Maison (2019).

image wix living room 1.jpg

living room #1



Caroline Delieutraz

This week, we are presenting the three videos of the work Aurélien by Caroline Delieutraz in French and English versions for a limited time. We presented them during her last solo exhibition at the gallery in autumn 2019.

Based on a series of interviews with a certain Aurélien, as well as the contents of his hard drive, Caroline Delieutraz is able to draw the digital portrait of a particularly effective troll, having operated in the years 2000 and 2010.

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