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Text by Jean Max Colard

If they first made themselves known by their hopping electro-punk concerts, if they form with them four, surrounded by their friends, a nice tribe, Salut c’est cool must above all be considered today as an artistic collective, which evolves between the art of big sound, the slender voices of poetry and DIY video-digital. Under casual ways, amateurish or even decerebrated as they often cultivate the figures of idiocy Salut c’est cool leads to the obvious experimentation of an art that neglects the system of contemporary art, which ignores the boundaries of the cultural high and low popular, real and virtual, art and life to take up the great theme of the avant-garde artistic twentieth century which they are an extension to the age of the post-internet and Youtube. Boasting "their enjoyable and disconcerting freedom", Stéphane Delorme writes in the Cahiers du Cinéma that "the only genre in which hello works is cool, it is perhaps the hymn: hymn to the world, to nature, to objects, shapes, people, everything. 

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